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Turkey Wrap

Being Gluten free, I don’t usually get a lot of options when it comes to wraps… and when I say not a lot of options.. I actually mean NO option. I usually get to sit back and listen to everyone going “eat wraps, they are simple, easy and quite tasty” and then I continue on my way thinking to myself that lettuce is so boring and I can’t believe i have to eat a lettuce wrap 😦 *sigh* ….but today was not that day!!!

I found Gluten free wraps!


Super Yummy too!! They were a little on the pricey side, but totally worth it.

So I decided today for lunch would finally be a wrap-worthy lunch!!!

Turkey Wraps!!


Wraps (I used the above)

Turkey lunchmeat or any other kind of healthy meats…


Left over 7 layer salad  (or you could just spread some ranch dressing, or mayo or avocado on it!)   I just happened to have 7 layer salad at my house that I didn’t make but needed to be eaten!


Pretty simple on this one…. heat the tortilla up for 20 seconds.

Put a TINY bit of the left over 7 layer salad in. (and when I say tiny… I think it was close to maybe 2-3 Tablespoons full)

pile with spinach

put 4 slices on turkey on top…


Sorry if it’s blurry… I was in the middle of eating it going.. HEY! I should take a picture!  (And YES, that IS a fitbit… if anyone wants to add me… you may do so HERE.)

turkey wrap

NOTES: Lunch Special… only 350 calories. 🙂